Our Pastors and Deacons

Our Pastors

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Chad Eastridge |


Mike Johnson  |

Lay Pastor

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Our Deacons

Need to get in touch with our Deacons? You can email ifcdeacons@gmail.com with the name or area of oversight in the subject line of the deacon you would like to contact (areas of oversight below) or fill out the form below:

Andrew Bloem

Deacon Vice-Chairman and Deacon of Men’s Ministry, Tithes and Communion

Antoinette Hecht

Deacon of Food

Cherie Eastridge

Deacon of Music/Worship, First Impressions Team, and Social Media

Danielle Johnson

Deacon Secretary/Treasurer

Eric Namowicz

Deacon Chairman

John Thompson

Deacon of maintenance and Building Projects

Rachel Thompson

Deacon of Sunday School, Women’s Ministry, Sunday Morning Setup, and Special Church Events

Joshua Broome

Deacon in Training

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